Cyber Strategy
Management Framework

Our objective is to define most comprehensive and simple to use framework for cyber strategy management.

2. Destination
Define your target
2a. Select relevant framework
2b. Prioritize security areas
2c. Define high-level objectives
2d. Define target state model
2e. Update stakeholder analysis

3. Orientation
Define your target
3a. Develop assessment approach
3b. Conduct maturity assessment
3c. Identify cost savings
3d. Summarize current state
3e. Conduct gap analysis
3f. Define recommendations

4. Planning
Plan how to reach your target
4a. Identify implementation projects
4b. Develop project charters
4c. Develop roadmap
4d. Document strategy
4e. Obtain strategy approval
4f. Communicate strategy and objectives

5. Action
Achieve your strategic objectives
5a. Develop operational plans
5b. Implement change management
5c. Establish organizational structure
5d. Define policies and standards
5e. Define security processes
5f. Implement technology solutions
5g. Implement supporting services
5h. Acquire skills and competencies
5i. Build user awareness
5j. Implement reporting

6. Tracking
Track current location and progress
6a. Monitor factors impacting security
6b. Manage stakeholder feedback
6c. Review your progress
6d. Communicate program value

7. Correction
Correct your path to omit obstacles
7a. Identify improvements
7b. Assess complexity of changes
7c. Adjust strategic vision
7d. Adjust capability models
7e. Update strategic roadmap
7f. Sustain strategic changes